“A certain darkness is needed to see the stars. -Osho”

Everyone knows the phrase: “Seize the day”. It’s been said countless times to those who have yet to make the most of the present moment. Well, what if one can’t really seize the day but instead they seize the night? What if we look back into the phrase once more and question: why does the act of making the most of the present moment happen during the day? Not everything takes place during the day. If anything, symbolically, there is a hidden beauty behind the darkness and night. Yes, there is that inkling of fear and confusion of being in the dark. But only then one can realize the beauty of the faint yet shimmering glow from the stars…just like the spiritual teacher, Osho depicts in the quote above. Being in the dark presents a means of transforming creativity beyond its own boundaries that propels it to reach its heights.


AmbushtheNight is a creative content platform that houses many series that delve into multiple mediums of art. It is a platform that constantly evolves and will continue to evolve into something bigger. This platform represents the raw hunger and drive towards the act of creating and making and exists to inspire all to unapologetically and fearlessly create through any form of artistic expression. Last but not least, AmbushtheNight seeks to challenge all to continuously create and evolve their creativity and craft and pass on the good vibes to others.




Who am I?

Taking life by the horns, Maria Lumbre is a content creator of all artistic trades at heart. Under her belt, she has a B.S. in Architecture and Planning but also dabbles in poetry/spoken word, film, and all medias of art (drawing, painting, graphic design, etc.) She has a constant thirst to create and hopes to share that quench with everyone.