Hidden Landscapes: Bubble Waffle Climbing Course


I’ve been experiencing a sweet tooth lately. When it comes to sweets, I’m a major chocoholic. Whenever I’m feeling adventurous, however, I go all out and find something super fun and tasty. What I had pictured today is definitely a hidden gem: trek downtown in DC and walk through Blagden Alley (a literal alley) and find this sweet treasure hidden in a little slice of Hong Kong called Tiger Fork. This dessert known as an Egg Waffle is truly magical with a waffle made from decadent egg batter topped with so many Pocky Sticks, ice cream galore, and caramel sauce covered in sprinkles. What more can you want? The colors that are combined in this delicious treat reminded me of a rock climbing course—with the egg waffle serving as the neutral base that allows the sprinkles, caramel sauce, and Pocky sticks to pop with color just like the stepping stones in a climbing course! Although I don’t rock climb, I’d totally channel my imaginary ‘Spidey-senses’ and climb as fast as I can if this dessert is up there waiting for me…

Keeping it short and sweet today~ Go check out Tiger Fork if you’re in the DC area and got a sweet tooth craving that can’t be beat!

Stay Golden.

Tiger Fork

922 N St. NW,
Washington, DC 20001

Blagden Alley, next to La Colombe

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