To the 9s: A Hundred Phases of a Summer Day–Washington, DC



Hooray for a first post for To the 9s! Hello everyone, nice to finally meet you!

It’s been super hot over here at the nation’s capital and all I want to do is stay inside the apartment and in front of a fan. However, when you do catch me outside in this warm humid weather, I tend to experience the same phases each time from regret to contentment. As you hover over the pictures shown above, it will show a phase as its organized from top left to bottom right in order.

As for my steez, I have to give a shout out to The Hundreds for this dope graphic tee! The light pink color definitely helped out in reflecting off the summer heat while keeping me uber comfortable and breezy. For the rest of my outfit–the loose bottoms are from Old Navy and the shoes are from New Balance. I’ll share the links below for all the pieces I have on right below~

Here are the ‘Hundred’ phases I experience throughout a typical summer day in Washington, DC:

(*Disclaimer–Instead of showing a hundred, I boiled it down to six pictures instead!)

Phase 1: Already in regret mode being outside but look at this cool graffiti backdrop located at Union Market [ | Insta – @unionmarketdc]

Phase 2: A breeze just blew by. Gotta get my whole body cooled off ASAP!

Phase 3: How can people tan under this heat! I have to thank my Filipino roots for all the melanin love for this island girl~

Phase 4: Laughing hysterically at nothing–heat stroke ready to kick in at any moment…

Phase 5: Discovered a lush backdrop of tall plants–also just discovered this frozen margarita from Surburbia @ Union Market [ | Insta – @suburbiadc]

Phase 6: This picture captures more than a thousand words of happiness and contentment. Life is good so far.

And that, folks, are the ‘Hundred’ (6) phases that I experience on a humid summer day in DC…I hope you get the pun by now! Outfit info below:

Top: The Hundreds [ | Insta – @thehundreds] | Bottoms: Old Navy [ | Insta – @oldnavy] | Accessories: Apple Watch and Madewell (necklace) [ | Insta – @ madewell]| Shoes: New Balance [ | Insta – @newbalance]

Keeping the Summer at a Hundred from Good vibes to Steez and Degrees~

Stay Cool and Stay Golden.


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