Introducing To The 9s Series

Style has truly been a big factor in expressing my personality. It definitely went through so many phases but it has truly refined itself now that I’m growing older. I realized that I my style phases usually ranged from one extreme to another–colors to neutrals, patterns to solids, cuts to cover ups, you name it. I never really experienced anything in between that but I know for sure the phases were inspired by the art and music around me and what caught my interest at the time. My parents captured almost everything as my siblings and I grew up so I’m so thankful to see all the awesome throwbacks to some of the ‘untouchables’ that should remain away from the light of day, haha!

To the 9s is a new series I would love to share on this blog that captures my day to day style while exploring DC and beyond. I also have to consider this as an act of self love and appreciation since I will be sharing pictures of myself. I’m definitely not the type to post myself often since I’m still in the journey of finding confidence in loving who I am no matter what time or shape I am currently in. I really want to try my best and capture a snapshot of who I am as real as I can be–funny faces and all. If I feel great in that outfit, I want to freeze that moment in time regardless if it captures my eyes half closed, haha!

Can’t wait to meet you all~ Feel free to check out me out on my other social media platforms as well!

Stay Golden.

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