Art Attack: Gundam Painting Process

I was definitely inspired at this moment yet again during the late night hours to showcase a piece of mine that I’ve done a while back. It all started from Casual Friday’s at work when everyone comes in wearing casual attire. If I were to describe my daily style it would be a hybrid of ‘normcore professional’ on the weekdays and ‘streetwear style’ on the weekends. I frequently come to work wearing some sort of graphic tees during Fridays and when I was debating on what to post today, my idea was literally right on my shirt! I really haven’t shared this piece to anyone but family and friends so I thought tonight would be a great time to showcase the process~

In terms of my streetwear attire, a lot of my graphic tees trace its roots back to childhood memories of constantly tuning in to cartoons. I was really into anything and everything that had action, adventure, and comedy. As I grew up, the genres remained the same yet my taste in artistic style evolved as I practiced art myself. I turned to a lot more shows that depicted really unique styles that went beyond the mainstream style of cartoon and animation. Hence, Gundam is on my list of all time favorite animations. What made me so interested in this anime was the layers of armor that the suit contained to further emphasize the strength of this character. Yes, the action in the show was awesome but what really got to me was how versatile the suit was able to move during battle yet look so monumental when inactive. It was still so mind boggling to me on how much work it took to capture this multi-faceted suit just through animation without relying too much on 3D renderings.

Then one day, I decided to just start painting. Initially, I planned on giving this piece as a gift for my boyfriend since he and I share the same interest in this character. However, three years passed and the black and white backdrop stared at me day by day…waiting for me to finish it. I do have to admit…procrastination was one of the main causes of the prolonged process within those years. If I were to do another piece, it would only take me at least one month from conception to final product. Definitely not letting three years go by again!

Fast forward, this painting is finally complete in its entirety. The medium I used for this was a mixture of gesso, charcoal, and acrylic paints. I mainly used gesso and charcoal for the base drawing and outlines and finished it off with colors with acrylic paints. For this rendition of the Gundam suit, I wanted the character to feel like its ready to ascend from the darkness below and out of the canvas. By doing so, I focused on capturing the thick, solid lines with clarity up top while keeping it rough towards the bottom to depict motion.


I’m so excited to start a new piece! Other than the Gundam piece, I’ve painted two smaller pieces of One Punch Man and Naruto as gifts~ I really need to start cracking on getting my work documented again. I think the last time I’ve had an updated ‘art’ portfolio was since high school…Yikes. As Trowa Barton from Mobile Suit Gundam Win states:

“One should never give up until the end.”

The end goal is to capture as much of the process I can on here and maintain an updated art portfolio working alongside my architecture work. Here’s to new beginnings and more creative projects!


Stay Golden.


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