Wonderlust: Lily Pad Dreams

She told herself “jump”

yet her feet is still rooted in mud.

-lily pad dreams

Have you ever experienced moments in your life where you’re constantly trying to figure out what the next step is but can’t seem to move forward? I know I have. Lately, moments of uncertainty loom over my head each day as I think what my next steps forward. I’ve begun to write more by journaling and also using this blog as an outlet to remind me that things will be okay, even though I don’t have it figured out. Hence, as I was walking around my office one day, I noticed this secluded area with a pond full of lily pads. No matter how dark and muddy the waters were, a beautiful flower still blooms from it. It’s almost as if the lotus flower told me, “hang in there”. And hang in there, I shall.

Stay Golden.

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