Hidden Landscapes: Pizza Beach

Hello! Lately, I’ve been capturing a lot of scrumptious food only to find out I am completely back logged with older pictures! Nothing is better than pizza on a Monday, unless you’re not a pizza person…But anyways, this one is a customized pizza from Pizza Hut (not sponsored, but it would be nice..*wink wink*) and boy, this pizza did the job! It’s a hodgepodge of flavors that just harmoniously danced in my mouth so it’s a bit hard to get into the nitty gritty of this pie. The featured image shown in this post was just a play I did on one of the shots…I’m having so much fun adding characters into it that I’ll probably do this to my shots when I post for this series. What’s a Monday without pizza and a guy suntanning on a pizza pie?

It’s a Pizza vibe.

Stay Golden, folks!

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