The Write Moment: Waves of Reality from the Cafe Window

Once a upon a time on a nice Saturday afternoon, I sat adjacent to a large window in a cozy cafe. Gazing out the window, I instantly noticed how nice the weather in the District has been–the skies are bright blue with not a single cloud in sight, the leaves on the trees are showcasing their vibrant green colors as the branches soar up in multitudes, everyone is out and about, on two feet or two wheels, taking advantage of the warm summer day. Then all of a sudden, in the depths of my mind…I came to a realization: “When was the last time I had a moment like this?”

I’m gonna be real here; these past couple of months have been TOUGH. Not necessarily in a negative way but more so in balancing key parts of my life thus far. Since my last post about my new job, life took its course and months flew by in a blink of an eye. All I did was work. Of course, there were a few other things I was able to manage bit by bit like quality time with my family on the weekends or spending time with my boyfriend and few friends but in the very end…the main emphasis in the past few months was just…work. I absolutely enjoy what I’m doing but this was one of those forewarnings that our professors in architecture school told students year by year. This constant hustle to just produce, to learn, and absorb loads of information day by day to hopefully one day achieve the goal of attaining the license stamp.

But when a top priority exists, the possibility of other things becoming less prioritized gets shuffled around…And when those lesser priorities are not met or brought to light, it ceases to exist, temporarily and then permanently.

It all started to shuffle when those overtime hours hit; I went to dance class less, meeting up with friends during the week became near impossible, producing quality content on Ambushthenight slowly dissipated into thin air, and of course…physically speaking, my weight just skyrocketed after I completely stopped biking and working out. Welp. BIG Welp.

All of these thoughts and feelings came at me like a wave crashing down my back as I stare out the cafe window. Reality hits hard and it doesn’t hold back.

I miss doing all of the things I love doing other than architecture. I wanted…no, needed to make time for it for the fear of burning out might loom again towards the horizon. That’s the last issue I want to deal with as I enter my fifth month at work. I still have so much ground to cover and still so much amazing lessons to learn but what matters to me right now is to shuffle my priorities again so that I can balance what I love to do each day. Things are starting to look up from here, though. I’m at a cafe typing all of this out, spent time with my family in the morning, seeing my boyfriend for the rest of the day, and meeting up with a dear friend that I haven’t seen in months. It’s a work in progress and a concern like this isn’t done perfectly overnight. I’ve finally found the “Write Moment” to compose this, haha.

I’m back at again, folks. I won’t nor plan to stop anytime soon. I’m looking forward to post other series soon ;)

Stay Golden.

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