Wonderlust: HUNGRY AF

A voracious mind 

Causes hunger to remain

Constantly growling 

Nowadays, it’s as if my brain has a constant switch flipped on full work mode…Hello again, everyone! It has been a long while since I last posted at the end of January and we are now reaching the end of February! Geez, time flies so fast. I guess I haven’t really updated due to my adjustment to my new full time job that I landed at the beginning of the month (surprise!). So far, everything has been going really well in terms of adjusting into a new work place and right back into the field of architecture. The haiku for today was pretty much inspired by the speedy transition period where my focus and priorities totally got out of wack and all I thought of was work, work, work (cue Rihanna).

Don’t get me wrong, folks, I absolutely love what I do at work. It’s just A LOT to learn all at once but I’m taking it all in one day at a time. Reflecting back on the couple weeks I’ve been working there so far, I’ve realized how much I love it more and more. Everything. The projects, the people, and yes, even the little bit of stress here and there. Being around individuals who are totally driven and just trying their very best to juggle multiple projects during the day is so inspiring that I can confidently say that I want to be in their shoes one day. Deep down inside, however, I wish for that one day to be tomorrow and my voracious appetite to learn and immerse myself grows and grows. Once I leave work to go home, all I think about is getting to the next step…the next step that lands me closer and closer each time to my goals.

Have you ever felt so immersed in what you do that you just constantly want to get to the next step? To do what you love and love what you do?

On a side note, I really want…no, need to get back to Ambushthenight and show this baby some love! Now that I’ve gotten a good sense of what my routine would be like at work, I can now switch gears into prioritizing my focus on the blog and just keep creating again. Nuff’ said.


Stay Golden.

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