The Write Moment: Aiming Darts at the New Year

Ahh…Mondays. Mondays tend to be received on either area of the spectrum: either you really ENJOY it or LOATHE it. One can either view Mondays as the curtains closing on what was once an eventful weekend OR the curtains fully opening onto the show that has yet to be performed. On the other hand, I’m writing to you all today as January’s end is nearing. A day or two to be exact. Here comes February, coming around the corner, waiting to greet us here in Washington, DC with the wintry breeze. With that being said, have you started or even accomplished your New Years Resolutions yet?

In my life, I feel lucky enough to be able to celebrate two New Years celebrations: the universal New Year’s Day everyone celebrates and the Chinese Lunar New Year. And in terms of New Years Resolutions or NYR for short, it’s almost as if I can have the chance to be able to create, pursue, execute my NYRs twice! Now, that in itself can get very, very, stressful.

The whole meaning behind NYRs has taken a level of urgency and impact that affects every individual in a magnanimous way. As soon as January 1st hits, gym membership spikes up and everyone is living on the “contagious high” of starting a new slate in life and accomplishing their resolutions. However, this “high” soon dies down right after the first week as internet memes and tweets flood the web about falling too short in reaching that goal that seemed so attainable on January 1st. But why? Why has this meaning of hope and faith behind NYRs slowly became about a pass/fail similar to what you would get in school? Trust me, you won’t gain back ten pounds after eating a double cheeseburger at McDonalds after a couple of days in the gym. No offense to McDonalds, of course.

In any case, the powerful meaning behind all of the resolutions we make in the New Year is the fact that we control them. We have full control of what we want to accomplish. We create the dartboard and we create the darts. In order to accomplish those resolutions, we have the control to aim that dart to focus on that red target in the middle. Granted, there are other external factors and circumstances that could change the location of the dartboard or factors that can change the projectile direction BUT we still have the control, nonetheless. Control as in Willpower. We have the willpower to keep holding on that dart and aim; to constantly remind and push ourselves to attain those resolutions that will render our New Year from a mediocre, boring year to a GREAT one.

There is beauty behind the process. Trying to aim that dart in the middle is the struggle that we all experience whether it is a big or small goal. In order to get rid of the idea of the pass/fail effect of reaching those NYRs, we need to take a step back and look at our resolutions not as year long goal but as a daily goal. A goal that we can accomplish in small bits, day by day. Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew, attitude. The big goal is already there; you already created the dartboard. Now, its time for you to focus on how to grip on that dart with all your might and aim towards the target. Imagine trying to do that and hold that position for ONE WHOLE YEAR. Our grip gets tired, we get anxious, the wind starts blowing out of nowhere and then we let go of the dart, having it land way out of the dartboard’s range. Now, imagine having 365 darts where you focus your energy and effort each time you try to shoot it at the dartboard. Achieving that red target in the middle was once so daunting is now doable. Yes, you will probably miss every now and then but you have so many more days, so many more darts to keep trying…

“It’s time to start living the life you’ve only imagined.”

Once you’ve aimed all 365 darts onto that dartboard, you would be surprised to see how many actually went in the target in contrast to just aiming one dart that will make or break your year. I guarantee you that you will find a more meaningful year by taking it one day at a time, 365 tries,  than dreaming for that one glorious day of the year where you just tried once.

If we are able to change the meaning of NYRs into daily goals in tuned with the bigger goal up ahead, maybe just maybe, we all wouldn’t be packed like sweaty sardines in the gym after January 1st.


Stay Golden and Happy Monday!



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