The Write Moment: Blank Page Syndrome

In the past couple of days (more or less), every instance that I get whenever I want to write a post, a big wall starts to ascend from the flat ground I’m standing on. Or so it feels like it. Hello again, folks…it has definitely been a long while since I last reconnected here. I’ve encountered a problem…which may have a solution by the end of this post. Would you like to know?

I have writer’s block. 

In order to get through this writer’s block…the first thing that came to mind to get past it is…to write about it. Now, I’ve mentioned there is a wall that just appeared before me. Now how do I get past this wall? Climb it, right? If it weren’t for this writer’s block that I’m writing about, I wouldn’t have posted anything! How can I climb over the wall if there is no wall to even climb over? So I’m climbing it right now as I create this post.

Let me tell you a story about this wall: It’s a wall of uncertainty and doubt. A wall that looms before me with the darkest shadows that crawls upon the white blank surface of a blank text box. As I’m walking towards this wall, I had to strategize on how to climb it. But to be frankly honest, that’s pretty much the reason why I haven’t been posting. Because I was too damn busy strategizing on how to climb it in the first place. And now I’m climbing it. Funny thing is, I didn’t even come up with any strategy. It was all pure action coming into play with one foot climbing above another and one key typed after another.

As I am climbing this so called “writer’s block” wall, I start to think what’s the whole deal behind writer’s block? Here is what trusty Google had to say about it:

the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

Now things are getting much more interesting. I am experiencing writer’s block and yet I’m writing about it. So now I’m over the wall and I look back at it. Was there even a wall in the first place? Writer’s block can even be related to something even bigger than what it essentially pertains to be. It’s like living a life where things have come into a standstill and you just don’t know what to do. But what if, just what if you are living in this situation and all it takes is for you to place one foot in front of one another and just kept making those steps. The sooner you know it, you’ve already traveled far past the situation that you thought you were eternally stuck in but eventually made your way out.

And so, folks, I guess I solved my problem just by writing about it. Writer’s block is real. But you have the choice on whether you want to climb a wall or to step over a block. What I thought was a wall that materialized before me became a tiny Lego block that allowed me to take more blocks to build this creation, this post.

I think I solved my problem.


Stay Golden.

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