The Write Moment: Just Go With the Flow

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

To my problems, worries, anxiousness, fears…

You attack me.

You fight, you kick, you scream, you ignore, you punch, you try and tear everything apart…

And sometimes…I just have to learn to let go. Even though it feels like it’s the hardest feat in the world for my sole person to accomplish, letting go of the past and letting go of the expectations of the future will allow opportunities of full acceptance of what is. Even if its something or someone I love but all in all I have to remind myself that happiness comes from within and not defined by outside elements. Letting go of all the fears and worries, for the day ends within hours, minutes, and seconds and a new day arises allowing me to transform into someone new. To let go of someone’s hand even though it has been my main support, but I…as soon as I let go, I begin to fall. I accept that I am falling and start to make the wind underneath me mine and take flight little by little. I will only know that I can fly if I just try. Do not resist the wind for the wind is what carries me throughout my journey far beyond what my mind will even imagine. Cry if I need to. I should allow myself to do that. But I will not let it consume me like the deep vast ocean that is ready to swallow me up if I panic when floating. Float. Exactly…just float.

Just go with the flow.


Stay Golden.

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