Hidden Landscapes: Kare Kare Cliffs

[Disclosure: This post is not vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan friendly…]

Feast your eyes on this umpteenth wonder of the world: Kare Kare Cliffs. These cliffs boast the ruggedness of rocks but they’re definitely tender and juicy pieces of ox tail meat that dissolve with each chew. Covered in rich and hearty peanut based sauce, these cliffs sit nice and peacefully on top of a hot bed of rice. Some people truly like the cliffs as is but others like myself tend to mix it up a bit with green bokchoy lying on top of the meat like green plains going towards the horizon. What isn’t pictured is the side of bagoong, which is fermented shrimp paste. Usually the cliffs have a pretty mellow flavor but when bagoong is added, it looks like flowery violet plains blooming throughout, enhancing not only its color but also its taste.

This Kare Kare Cliffs were made with love by my mom and were cooked for hours in order to make the meat juicy and soft in each bite. However, despite the long duration of this Filipino dish creation (haha, that rhymed..), the cliffs were destroyed in a matter of minutes. Multiple plates. Multiple cliffs. Eaten multiple times. The best part of these sumptuous cliffs is the flavor that lies dormant inside the ox tail bone. Once discovered, the addiction to this meaty flavor grows and grows up until the remnants of the cliffs are piled on your plate.

If I were a giant and these cliffs existed, I apologize on behalf of myself and other giants who will leave parts of the world into a barren land.


Stay Golden.

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