The Write Moment: Good Vibes Only

good vibes only

Today was one of those rainy days where I just want to stay in the whole day and snuggle under the warm blankets with a hot drink in my hand. While I was trying to get ready for the day, I just felt…lethargic. The sluggishness traveled from my head to my limbs as I dragged myself from room to room then back to my desk to get ready to work and be productive. With exchanging texts from myself to my boyfriend, we both agreed to not see each other today because of the weather. At that point, it felt weird for me to put all the blame on the rainy weather because of my laziness.

You there, rainy cloud, it is YOUR fault that my day is ruined. Ugh…

It goes the same way when the weather is the complete opposite: a nice mid-60s degree weather with the sun shining as bright as it could with just the right amount of breeze. My mood completely changes just by seeing the bright sunlight beaming down amidst the blue sky. I become more alert of what is around me and I’m ready to take the day on.

Mr. Sunshine, thanks for coming out because I got a lot of things to get done today and I’m ready to take in this gorgeous weather!

With that said, it’s amazing how our psyche is affected just by the weather. Our moods change from day to night, literally. We run and seek for shelter when it rains but walk right out when it’s sunny. This also reflects the same to our emotions due to the change in weather. Aside from other factors, just pinpointing this change in ourselves provides us an opportunity to change it up.  An opportunity to evolve beyond what our beings are embedded with from the effects of the elements. Just by changing our own psyche, day by day, to not succumb to the change in weather but to take control of our inner emotions. I’m not saying to force ourselves to either be happy or sad when it’s rainy outside. It’s not that easy. Trust me, I’ve tried.

How do I explain this…It’s more so a choice.

A choice to take the day on. A choice to smile. A choice to laugh. A choice to see the light beyond the dark clouds. One day at a time.

The one thing I would like to work on is to constantly present myself this choice: a choice to see beyond the rain. I now have the choice to take on the day even if it is pouring outside. Heck, my mom’s plants need some watering so I guess it’s great that it’s raining. But aside from the literal sense, looking beyond the rain can be applied on a broader perspective of life.

One great example is that I’ve always developed a certain anxiety walking out on my own due to the incessant cat calling of men around my neighborhood. Just one sly comment ruins my day for good, even on a sunny day. Instead of walking past them with spite or the sudden urge to flick them off, what if I just bid them a good day? What if I complimented them in reply?  Yes, it already sounds weird from the get go but it doesn’t have to be. I could think that if I did do that, I’m just encouraging them to keep up the catcalling. Or I could think that by flicking them off, I could shut them up for good. But in reality…do we really know what the outcome will be despite all the assumptions and circumstances we create in our head? I don’t think so.

By the simple act of seeing beyond the rain, in this case the cat calling men, why not just start from within to spread the good vibes for the day. Sure, they compliment on how good you look in those jeans but little do they know that you’ve been working out for your own wellness and better lifestyle. Instead of seeing the catcalling men as a nuisance, maybe they just want to receive the same attention that they give off so freely to women. A compliment in reply will most likely catch them off guard but in the end, the reciprocation of compliments is better than being ridiculed, right? As much as I want to go on about this, I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

Everything starts from within ourselves, our psyche. When we make a choice to let the good vibes grow within ourselves and our personal beings, every choice you make outwardly will reflect the vibrancy of goodness in you. It’s a choice. Your choice.

Plus, we’ll all feel way less crazy when we’re blaming our sour puss mood by outwardly yelling at the sky.


Stay Golden.


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