Hidden Landscapes: Hummus Island


Welcome to Hummus Island, where the chickpea sand is as white as the sand in the Bahamas! I was blessed with this beauty during an intimate meeting with a very dear girlfriend who is pretty much a sister in my heart. We went to a place called Busboys and Poets in Takoma, Maryland and it’s actually not too far from my place. I’ve never really tried their hummus before but since my friend used to work there as a hostess, she pretty much knows the menu like the back of her hand. On a side note, working as a hostess and being friends with other hostesses can serve as a great way to get the low down on the amazing food of a restaurant menu. #hostesslife

So back to the Hummus Island…It was very rich and creamy with a sprinkle of spice on the very top that is adorned with two deep dark olives. These olives were nice and tart and were a perfect compliment to the richness of the spread. At the very bottom of this island is the shore of what I believe to be olive oil. It made the hummus spread go down smooth in my mouth and united the tart and creamy tastes of the whole spread. On the right are cliffs of toasted pita bread which were used to scoop the hummus island down to the last bit. I’m pretty sure this island was created fairly quickly in a food processor and it was devoured just as fast by my friend and I amidst our conversations.

Nevertheless, this is an island I’d like to be stuck on if I were stranded.


Stay Golden.

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