The Write Moment: Hotline Bling

*You used to call me on my cellphone*

[Disclaimer: This post is not about Drake or anything related to the actual song…]


What happens when phone calls become obsolete? There are multiple times where I wonder why I tend to text my parents more than actually call them. The action of calling is actually a lot faster than sending a “quick” text.  They always constantly remind me, “You know, you can always just call. You’re using a phone.” Throughout the years, I have noticed that each generation develops a certain anxiety towards something. The one thing that I noticed was the decreased use of phone calls. Nowadays, I see internet memes describing the utter hesitation that comes when making a phone call. Here are some examples when you type “phone call memes” on trusty Google:

eyyna gets-first-phone-call-30 one-does-not-simply-call-you-on-you-phone

Why does it seem scarier to call someone than to send a text? 

What’s even crazier is that way back when cellphones took over the technological world, regular phones were one of the main source of communication. It was fairly simple. Just dial the number and wait for the person you’re calling to receive it. Once the technological world boomed with cellphones, instant messaging, and emojis, the act of making a phone call just became associated to something serious and mundane. From emergency calls, scheduling appointments, and phone interviews, everything else can be done through text/email/websites.

I definitely think that our advancement through telecommunication in the past couple of decades has skyrocketed for the better but it remains a double edged sword. The more we apply reliability and convenience to communication by mere texts and instant messaging, the more we miss out on the intimate and primary connection with the other person. As much as we want it to express emotions and emphasis through the use of emojis, texts and instant messaging still don’t surpass the actual conversations done through voice. Each and every one of our voices carry so much context and meaning just by saying a word or sentence through our sound levels and tones. However, the more we rely on the ease of not seeing or hearing the other person’s voice in real time, the more we disconnect ourselves from organic communication. The organic and natural communication that can most likely decrease and eliminate the assumptions that cause our daily anxiety from conversing on the phone. Everything happens in real time, present in the moment, and the connection is just between you and the caller.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m definitely guilty of relying more on texts and instant messaging as what I have explained above. But since noticing this pattern, I’ll probably try and call more…at the right times, of course. For I don’t know when it will be the last time I will be able to hear that one person’s voice and maintain that intimate connection of conversation on the phone. Sometimes talking with someone out loud is something you might really need at the end of the day. Maybe all you need is to hear a giggle or a snort to get you to smile that a meme or emoji can’t express. Or maybe even just whispers and hush tones of encouragement were all you needed for a sense of comfort that an instant message can’t provide.

All in all, less typing, more talking.


Stay Golden.

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