The Write Moment: Living in the Present Moment

thoughts explosion

It seems that on Wednesday nights like these, I try to catch my breath because lately it just feels like I’m living on the fast lane. It’s not what is going on around me and my environment, per say. It’s what’s going through my mind at each moment of the day whether I am sitting down on my bed or I’m working at my part time job. Ever since I’ve started this journey of challenging my best to create something every day, I’ve been exercising my mind to its fullest to think creatively and keep pumping that. At this point, it feels like I’m on a high most of the time because I’m just riding on all of the ideas blossoming and exploding simultaneously inside my head as life takes its course each day.

Don’t get me wrong, folks. I want…no…need to embrace this moment. All in all, I thought that I was just slowly decaying in terms of being creative throughout college. This challenge to unapologetically create is the best decision I’ve ever made thus far. I can finally see what I am capable of thinking and doing just through this platform. Whatever you see here sprouted from a little spoof in my mind that came upon me spontaneously. That’s the beauty of it all. Everything, from every thought and action, naturally and organically came through without hesitation.

The one downside so far is how I get lost into my own thoughts where I end up tuning out throughout the day. I started noticing that every single time I had to do something else other than create and make. I realize now that I need to take the present moments for what they are and just let it sink in. The present is now. Right here. Every breath I am taking. Every word that I’m writing.

I am here.

I am living in the present moment.

“When you are here and now, sitting totally, not jumping ahead, the miracle has happened. To be in the moment is the miracle.” -Osho


Stay Golden.

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