Hidden Landscapes: Bonchon Chicken Mountains

bonchon chicken

The title says it all and every time I look at this picture, my mouth waters. The Korean fried chicken chain, Bonchon, has me hooked on their soy garlic glazed chicken wings. I do have to admit that I am obsessed…OBSESSED with the wings. Tonight was my second night in a row coming back to the spot and my favorite server, Matt, greeted me with a warm welcome. Sigh…that’s when you know you’re a regular at a place!

Behold, the Bonchon Chicken Mountains created in 10 minutes. These wings were coated lightly with batter and double fried. Yes, I said double fried. As soon as your teeth make contact to the crisp skin, it makes that crackling noise that just makes one even more ravenous than they already are.

With another dear friend of mine, we destroyed these magnificent glazed and flavorful mountains in a matter of 20 minutes. Or at least, all that we can eat! We ordered 20 pieces and ended up taking home half. With that being said, I’m already looking forward for Tuesday morning!

If you have a Bonchon chain near you, do not hesitate to check it out! You won’t regret it!!!


Stay Golden.

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