Hidden Landscapes: Cookie Dough Valley

cookie dough

Back to your regular scheduled programming…

Yesterday was quite a gloomy day here in Washington DC. I’m not sure whether the weather knew what was happening regardless of how the elections turned out. Nonetheless, my sister and I decided to make some homemade chocolate chip cookies to warm our bellies. It definitely hit the spot!

I was able to capture a handful of pictures that were pretty cool. The consistency of the cookie dough held up pretty well and it was very therapeutic as I meticulously mixed the batter forming all of the curvatures and craters inside of the stainless steel bowl.

The Cookie Dough Valley took 20 minutes until its final completion, then carved away in a matter of 10 minutes. Even though it was destroyed, it transformed into something even better: Cookies! Those were also destroyed in minutes with a glass of milk!


Stay Golden.

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