short story ray bradbury

The Write Moment: Ray Bradbury, Here I Come!

short story ray bradbury

Happy Tuesday! As mentioned before in previous posts under The Write Moment Series, I’ve dabbled into a short story for the very first time and quite enjoyed writing it. Usually, whatever I produce on this blog is something based on spur of the moment inspiration and impulse but there are days where I sit at my desk and ask: “So, what do I create today?” There is one idea that resonated with me as well as other readers of my blog and that was to go and play with creating short stories once more.

Hence, I was back on the trusty Google to see if there were some challenges or prompts I can utilize to create my short stories around and be inspired. One of the links stuck out to me and it was titled, “The Ray Bradbury Challenge”. I quickly checked it out and a rush of excitement filled my chest. This challenge came from a video of Ray Bradbury explaining the challenge and one quote stuck out to me and strummed my heartstrings.

“It’s impossible to write 52 bad stories in a row.”

This challenge is definitely in tune with what I’m trying to accomplish on this blog/platform. I just have to push myself into the new and unknown and just see where it takes me. The challenge consists of two parts: Part one is to read one short story/poem/essay every night for 1000 nights. Part two is to compose at least one short story every week for a year or more. The challenge alone seems very daunting at first when I found out and the first thing that came to mind was,”How in the world do I have time for all of that?!” That is when I realized what I was doing all along was preventing myself from making time to create.

We all have the same amount of hours in the day to create and to inspire. At least, that is what all the “Greats” did and when I mean by “Greats” I’m referring to all the authors, artists, thinkers, etc. that helped create what our world is now today. Knowing that as one person like myself holds the potentiality to Create Great Things makes me feel like each day is a new mission to create and keep creating. To inspire and keep inspiring where there is no end in sight.

Even if it is something small, just remember that all actions account to one bigger picture.

Here’s to many more challenges to take on for AmbushtheNight and thank you for accompanying me on this journey! Ray Bradbury, here I come!

On a side note…



Stay Golden.


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