Hidden Landscapes: French Fry Caves

french fries

Another day of satisfying my craving for junk food: french fries! Pictured above is a close up of my homemade french fries drenched with fry sauce (ketchup/mayo). It strangely looks like a wet cave with all the sauce covered on top of the french fries. What isn’t pictured is the crispiness of the fries regardless of my overuse of the sauce.

On the contrary, my sister isn’t a big fan of this picture since it reminds her of guts…To each their own right? I’m the type of person who would still eat something regardless of its appearance if its more so on the “disgustingly unhealthy” side of the spectrum. Hunger is and always remain the best spice in my book.

Created in 20 minutes, parboiled and deep fried, this caves only lasted for 10 minutes until it was fully destroyed. On the side note, I think I’m starting to become more conscious of my eating habits just by the two pictures alone. It’s definitely a great thing because nowadays, I’m lacking in my greens department.

How do you like your fries?


Stay Golden.

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