Introducing: Hidden Landscapes

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to view the world in a perspective of an ant? Essentially, that is what we have when we put ourselves into perspective of how big the universe is compared to our small form on Planet Earth. When we also place ourselves before the vast landscapes that this planet has to offer, we are caught in awe due to the magnificent views of the horizons down to the deep craters that cover our world. But what if we saw that same landscape in the very commonplace source we thrive from…Food.

Hidden Landscapes is an assortment of photographs specializing in a different perspective of food never seen before. It takes the viewer from a perspective of food on a plate to a whole new world by focusing and magnifying a scale that might usually be seen from an insect’s point of view. Viewing a different spectacle can distinguish a new side of uniqueness out of something mundane and ordinary. It may even cause you to try something new or increase your appetite!

Through this series, I hope to not only become more intimate with my food and explore it more beyond the tastes it has to offer but also to improve my photography skills. I’m not aiming to be the best one out there but if I can capture a million stories through one picture that is not only photographed well but developed/enhanced well then I’ll take on the challenge! Here’s to a new series on AmbushtheNight!


Stay Golden.

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