Hidden Landscapes: Frito Canyons

Frito Canyon

Here’s a first picture for the Hidden Landscapes Series! I had the cravings for junk food this afternoon and I happen to find a leftover bag of Fritos chips hiding in my knapsack. Thus, the Frito Canyon was created but also destroyed in a matter of 60 seconds. Ah, the forces of nature can be beautiful yet daunting…am I right?

I’m still practicing on what angles to take, lighting, positioning/composition, etc. Photography shouldn’t be taken lightly and I can definitely experience that with just taking this particular shots out of many. Nonetheless, the pictures and editing are pretty fun to do so I’m stoked for future posts under this series.

P.S.: This was taken by my iPhone 6 which is probably the camera I’ll use until I upgrade to the big guns!


Stay Golden.

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