Art Attack: Drippin’ Gold | JUST DO IT

Here’s another project I’ve placed on the back burner for so long! I think I included the original picture of the drawing in a past post but for this Drippin’ Gold piece, I plan on digitizing it and maybe playing with a couple color scheme variations.  This morning felt like a totally different morning from the rest. Working on this piece was on my mind as soon as I opened my eyes and so far the process of digitizing it is going well, with a little bumps here and there.  Pictured below are the original sketch  with a sneak peek of the process work done on Adobe Illustrator.

 Process Work

On a side note, there’s a book I’ve been reading which probably became my source of fuel and inspiration to just DO whatever is on my mind. One quote definitely stood out to me and I hope it inspires you all to just stay motivated and actively DO whatever you want/need to get done today:

“I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it  has got to get down to work.”

-Pearl S. Buck

And as Nike would say, JUST DO IT.


Stay Golden.

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