Wonderlust: Solo Thoughts

As each day passes by, the clock ticks slowly by the minute. I swear I think I’m living in denial in terms of being alone, whether I really like it or not. I don’t know…here’s a short shpeel…


So…how does it feel to be truly alone?
Not bad actually. If you mean being absolutely alone then it feels marvelous.

You think I’m kidding? I can breathe easy. Worry about me. Forgetting the minuscule problems of society and worry about me.

Do you know what “me” means? It means…One. Singularity. Vigilant in this life. A life filled with villains and massacred tears shed by the mascara of the devil.


Means complete serenity. A quiet solitude with the tunes of your own heartbeat.

Cheesy? Please. Everything I’ve said here is true.

But wouldn’t it be nice to be with someone you love or enjoy being around with?

I don’t need anyone to make myself feel incredibly happy. I can have a bed mattress and an island filled with a library of the greatest authors to ever grace a page. My imagination is sparked like the curiosity of a 4 year old. I like touching the air molecules that seep through the crevices of my palm. The wind humming masterpieces as if it was singing to the ocean. Loneliness is only dreadful if you believe that you’re truly alone. I’m never alone. Realistically. I have friends and family who will be there til’ the day I dropdead. But I can deal with mental loneliness in a fashion most people can’t seem to fit. Fill in the blanks kiddo.

Hey? Are you okay? Your nose is bleeding.

Really? I hadn’t noticed. Where am I?

The last stop for this train.



Getting lost in your own thoughts isn’t such a bad thing when you’re alone.


Stay Golden.

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