The Write Moment: Fear No More

Fear and Insecurities

“November 3: November 18 Prompt

Fear no more

What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?”

Last night was a complete doozy for me, to be frankly honest. I did a whole lot of big moves for the first time in a long time. One of which was to shamelessly promote myself on my Instagram and Facebook profiles. Usually on the daily, I just kept up with two social media platforms: Instagram and Snapchat. However, I knew deep down that I need to challenge myself and that truly meant to put myself out there back into the world of social media and promote the work that I love doing. I am not ashamed of sharing but it’s more so the bad habit I let fester in me to keep everything I love doing away from my own family and friends. The anxiety that built up for a year became the wall that I faced as I composed descriptions for my profiles and began to fill out the status update box. Is it fear of judgment? Fear of being misunderstood? Fear of being ignored? All of these thoughts came to me at a landslide and it all happened at a click of a share button.

And then, everything became live. Online. Numbers of views climbing. F***.

Another surge of emotions came at me again but this time, it was not fear. It felt like a new door opening. I felt excited and proud that I was able to conquer those fears all at once. I started to see my dream come true before my very eyes and said: “Is this the sign that you’re giving me? The sign I’ve been asking for?” as I looked up above inside a quaint cafe. I guess this is it. The world is slowly meeting AmbushtheNight and will continue to see it grow. AmbushtheNight is evolving as I speak. My voracious hunger to create constantly kept growing.

I’m more than ready now to do all of this. To Create. To Promote. To Inspire.

To all my readers following this journey with me, thank you.


Stay Golden.

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