Wonderlust: Stranger’s Paradise

Exchanging glances

One can only hope to meet

Stranger’s paradise 


Have you all ever had that one moment where you’ve exchanged glances with a stranger and just a sudden rush of thoughts come to mind? Who is that person? What does he/she do? What are they thinking? Why are they looking at me? We live in a world where we as humans become more antisocial with one another, physically. The interactions lessen throughout time, intimate talks, group get togethers, random and spontaneous interactions. Heck, a new term defining that fleeting feeling when we feel left out of something that we see on social media than by just word of invitation in a physical sense: FOMO “fear of missing out”. What has social media have come to? We’ve definitely reached a point where the digital world is expanding as we speak, literally another universe evolving. This universe is almost perfect. All of our insecurities are masked by a screen and a keyboard. We can become whoever we want to be at a click and a press of a button…

I guess this becomes a double edged sword, for we are social to an extent. An extent of craving human interaction but when it comes to the outside world, are we much different from who we are online? Has social media caused the rise of the anxiety that looms over our generation today?

Both the real and digital world before us, alas a stranger’s paradise. One can only know if they dive in, head first. Unapologetically.


Stay Golden.


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