Art Attack: AmbushtheNight Logo Process

I was able to set some time aside today to just experiment and play around with what I had on the sketches from the previous Art Attack post. Usually when it comes to playing around, I focus on the key aspects of the logo whether it be the placement of the text or symbols around it. Down below are some variations of the current logo that’s on the top left corner of the page.

WebLogo Design Web Web

For the logo, I would just like to stick to keeping it simple but straight to the point. For the colors, I will probably stick to the black and white scheme since that reflects more of what AmbushtheNight represents with the contrast of white objects over a black background. The font that I used will probably stick as well since it showcases more of the raw energy in each stroke. In terms of what I would like to work with from here on out, I might play around with focusing on the two with AmbushtheNight written out since I visualize them to be part of the banner as well. Hopefully, I can produce more options in the next round to choose from!


Stay Golden.

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