The Write Moment: Bathroom Stall Thoughts

“October 31: October 12 prompt

Blogger in a strange land

What’s the strangest place from which you’ve posted to your blog? When was the last time you were out and about, and suddenly thought, “I need to write about this!?”

This prompt I chose for today pretty much signifies The Write Moment series! It’s the sudden urge to write and capture whatever is happening at that specific moment. However, I have had multiple strange places where I’ve wanted to write because it was due to something I see right in front of me. This one place in particular is something that is so strange but so common to all of us. Hint: all of us use this place everyday but in periods of time and we only spend a few moments in that space. What is this place, really?

The common bathroom stall.

The common bathroom stall is a place where one is literally most vulnerable–due to the deed that is done inside. Additionally, it is a place where, as humans and as we are doing the deed, our minds start wandering since we are performing an action so habitually embedded into our beings. We start thinking of all the ideas that pass through our minds at that current moment, whether it be what to eat for dinner or a personal life realization/epiphany. Can you believe all of these ideas start flowing naturally in this one small space?

The most daring users, in my opinion, start carving their thoughts into the walls that divide themselves from the sacredness of the stall and the profane world outside. The subject that they project on the walls could be anything: a phallic picture or a mundane thought that once brought up seems to be actually important. Whatever they write on the porcelain walls or wooden panels render their thoughts immortal…unless taken down by the janitor, of course.

I’ve definitely had my own share of bathroom stall thoughts and one of them did pertain to a thought that would lead me to write this post today. I also haven’t had the courage to write anything down on the walls surrounding me…but maybe, just maybe one day I will. What is the first thing you would write in the bathroom stall?

Just don’t forget to wash your hands.


Stay Golden.

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