Introducing: Art Attack

Art has always and forever will be a big part of me. I was raised through art since I was born as my dad graciously allowed me to draw anything and anywhere (graffiti artist circa 1993). To my old readers, I’ve probably showed you all bits and pieces of my art pieces but it was quite rare since my blog was mostly leaning towards poetry and prose at the time. I kind of want to make this blog of mine an outlet once more to share some of my art pieces more like a mini portfolio! Aside from this blog and work, I usually either sketch, paint, or work on digital media to create whatever crazy idea is going through my mind.

In this new series, Art Attack will focus on some of my side art projects that I create either for pure enjoyment or for a special someone. In documenting my whole process from the concept all the way to its completion, I’m attacking the unknown and pulling ideas into its existence. It also serves as a platform for me to look back on growth from any subject I choose to focus on or mediums I choose to dabble with. Sometimes, the concept and the final product are not the focal point but the beauty behind the mess of what the process entails.

Just to give you all a taste of some of my pieces, here are some that I’ve posted on this blog in the past:

These pieces are pretty old, but I do plan on working on them some more either transforming them into a digital piece or smacking it on a t-shirt or skateboard deck! Ah, the possibilities are limitless…

Here’s to another series added to the family! I hope you all enjoy this crazy head of mine~


Stay Golden.


tumblr_lolyjdFoJp1qfmry0 calligraphy2



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