Art Attack: AmbushtheNight Logo/Banner

Hello everyone! As I was creating this blog, I’ve always wanted a logo and a banner to go along with the theme of my blog. I’ve pondered about what this blog would be like in the future as a platform for all of the things I create and hopefully one day share pieces with you all. My plans in the future revolves around what this blog is laying out before me as its foundations. By having an official logo and banner, I’ll be able to start what will become AmbushtheNight. My ideas stem from the phrase with a little spin on it: Seize the day. Instead, I played with the phrase: Seize the Night. Thus, AmbushtheNight is born! In addition to the name, I added a phrase that compliments it–almost like a motto: A certain darkness is needed to see the stars. AmbushtheNight represents the raw hunger and drive towards the act of creating and making. Even though there are difficult times such as the biggest of artist blocks, AmbushtheNight is a platform that produces memorable quality work no matter what circumstances prevent it from doing so and to push beyond the boundaries that can propel it to reach its creative heights. It can only go up from here, right?

As of the moment, I designed a simple logo at the top left corner so I can visualize what the logo’s placement look like. In terms of the banner, I created a simple GIF (which is my first GIF ever!) to showcase the direction of how I want the banner to lean towards. I do look forward to upgrading and customizing my blog soon so I apologize if you see sudden changes here and there. I’m still in the process of figuring out which appearance will best showcase my work and purpose.

Here are some simple sketches I’ve had from a while back (top) as well as the most recent set (bottom):

I’ll probably play around the digital versions of these sketches with a some explanation of what each piece represents. Here’s to AmbushtheNight!



Stay Golden.

atn_logotest1 atn_logotest2

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