The Write Moment: Hello Me, Are you There Yet?

“Be the type of person you want to meet”

This is a quote that resonates with me whenever I read it, no matter where I am in my life. Questions such as, “Am I happy with what I have done so far? Am I happy with my current state?” repeat constantly in my head causing a whirlwind of emotions to hit me all at once. I’m a strong believer that happiness is a Choice. It is a choice to change one’s mindset and not let anything or anyone tear that down. Happiness comes from within oneself and not an outside source coming in. Resiliency and discipline in one’s mindset to always turn to the positive, to always count your blessings. Am I the type of person I want myself to meet now? To be honest with you all, at this point I don’t think I am ready to meet my past self just yet. I feel like I am almost there…almost there to reach my newborn, evolved self as I rise beyond all the hurts and pains of the past. But if I were to write to myself and have my letter travel to the past, it would be this:

Dear Me:

Promise me that you will always stay true to yourself no matter what comes in your way. To be so strong that your peace of mind is never faltered. Always count your blessings because most of the time, your blessings outweighs all the wrongs in your life. To hold your head up high and maintain your own dignity and right to be happy. Your happiness is in you all along. It is nowhere else but deep down within your heart. You have the power to create it. Once you have realized that, the world is yours, for you deserve the world. Don’t just show your countenance through humble words alone but through gracious actions. For the love that flows from your heart attains the power to flow through your fingertips and eyes. Do not worry about what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. Accept that everything happens for the reason and to trust in His timing. Time can heal all wounds only if you allow yourself to flow with time and be patient. Everything has the power of momentum and whenever you find yourself at the bottom, there will be a force that will propel you back up to the heights once more. There is a reason for the hurt and the pain and happiness wouldn’t be happiness if it weren’t for sadness. It is okay to allow yourself the time to be sad, to sulk, and to cry your eyes out. But only for a period of time. For something greater is waiting for you in the other end to help you evolve into a stronger person. There is grace found in broken hearts and struggles in the world. Embrace that and only then you can truly find happiness…you can choose to be Happy. 



I hope this can help you all in some way as a reminder to keep truckin’ in life no matter where you are at in this moment. It always goes up from here.


Stay Golden.

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