Wonderlust: Fall Kisses | Transition Phase

Transition to warmth

Leaves float down as they kiss me

On my rosy cheeks 

Here in Washington DC, fall has finally settled in. In the previous couple of weeks, 80 degree weather decided to stick around a little bit longer which isn’t a bad thing at all. However, fall is one of my favorite seasons of all, aside from the beautiful temperate spring weather. Speaking of fall leaves, I bought a bonsai tree kit a while back from Urban Outfitters and I still have yet to pop it open. Whenever I go to UO, I always spot that kit with hopes to one day own my own bonsai tree. I’ve seen many types since there is a National Arboretum in DC with a wide variety of species of bonsai trees. But to be frankly honest, I have this fear of making a mistake in planting it to the point it won’t even grow. Symbolically, I am in that state too…the state of fear of making the biggest mistake as I’m stuck in a phase of transitioning. I wouldn’t know if I tried, right? So to tackle this week, I’ll probably open that kit and study the directions…and I’ll work on myself too. That resume and architecture portfolio isn’t going to finish themselves!

And to end this Tuesday to the rest of the week, here is a quote that inspired me to Hustle and hopefully inspires you too:

“You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to keep trying. To the best you can do everyday.”
― Jason Mraz

Stay Golden.

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