Ambushthenight: Progress Report

Hello again everyone!

As the title above states, I just want to do a check-up…more like a self reflection on how this daily challenge is going so far. There were a few things that caught my attention in terms of patterns:

  1. I know I’ve stated in the very first post on this blog [Revamp + Rewire] that I plan to create something every day whether it be content on this blog or some other form of medium. This became a real challenge when I realized that I couldn’t constantly have my life’s daily schedule revolve around this blog 24 hours of the day, trying to document everything that happens. Thus, I’ve tried my best in creating a post every other day or every 2 days. But this doesn’t really meet my challenge of creating EVERY DAY??
  2. My posts started becoming iffy or so in some days. I guess there were days where my creative juices in writing were running dry or I didn’t feel as inspired to write nor did the prompt challenge me to think creatively. I wanted to constantly push myself so I started thinking of ways to keep those juices running. So, I started introducing new series on the blog to show other mediums I use to Create. But how can I keep track of those series?
  3. My biggest pet peeve and flaw that I noticed: I started craving the views…uh-oh. Aren’t I doing this whole Creating Constantly challenge for my own sake? To find myself within this blog? As soon as I started having those cravings as I get views every now and then, I had to bring myself down to earth and remind myself the purpose of this blog and the essence of the challenge. How can I remind myself in a way that I produce quality content on MY standards and not anyone else? Instead of having the thought of how can I please readers, don’t I need to think: How can I share my happiness and inspire others? It doesn’t matter how many views a post gets but more so, am I satisfied with what I created today?

By addressing these thoughts and issues head on, I went right back to the drawing board and started to list some goals I wanted to maintain that can be solutions to the patterns listed above. Also, by writing my goals down on this post, I’ll be able to not only refer back to it but also having it published allows me to really stick to them and fulfill them. I’d hate to not only let myself down but also another person who probably reads my blog and finds a source of happiness through it. It’s like preventing someone else from finding some inspiration or good vibes when they follow up on what I produce.

  1. Since I can’t really revolve my life around this blog 24/7 to capture everything I’m doing or creating, I plan on writing my posts ahead of time. Most of my posts from now on will probably be the most recent, which is a day ahead of the actual published date. By doing this, I will be able to WRITE EVERYDAY! I always had the constant fear or anxiety that I won’t be able to post something the day of due to work scheduling or running multiple errands, etc.; but by allowing myself time the day before, I can constantly create posts on a schedule and it will be published on the dot the next day. So look forward to posts EVERY DAY, everyone!
  2. For the new readers on this blog and also the old readers, you all have probably noticed me introducing new series on this blog [The Write Moments and Kaleidoscope Series]. I plan on introducing more series in the near future so I can share with you all the other variety of mediums I use to create something each day. But, how in the world will I be able to keep track of ALL the series I plan on producing from here on out? SOLUTION: START SCHEDULING! I used to write posts on the blog on a whim but by scheduling series throughout the week or even throughout the month, you and I not only have something to look forward to but also it provides some sense of structure in my documentation of this yearly creative challenge.
  3. And to solve my biggest pet peeve…craving the views… It’s all pretty simple really. Something to remind me what the purpose of this outlet is and the creative challenge for the year: an ABOUT PAGE. Funny thing is, I don’t know if you all have noticed but I started creating pages on this blog in order to prep for all the series I hope to share with you all soon. However, I have yet to even create an About page. So…I gotta get started on that ASAP.

And…this concludes the progress report for this outlet of mine.

A side note to myself and maybe a mantra to follow for you all:



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