Introducing: Wonderlust

Wordplay at its finest. A complete nomad trying to make sense of the world of eccentricities. If only I can live a life where I can just sum my feelings and expressions in a few words, literally breathing poetry and prose, I would. To the old readers of my blog, thank you for sticking with me this long! I used to post a lot of my poetry and spoken word pieces long before I decided to start on a new chapter and a new page with this blog. A clean slate that’s ready for me to create my intimate poetry once more. Here’s to another series I call, Wonderlust.

Wonderlust is pretty much defined as it sounds. The original word, wanderlust, is an innate sense of traveling to various places, big or small. However, I decided to change it up and put the two words: wonder and lust, together. Instead, it’s pretty much an innate sense of wondering. A lust for wonder. But it is also a lust for wandering, just as it sounds the same to its original form. Wandering between reality and the surreal through interspersed words formed into stanzas. Get my gist?

I hope to capture whatever is in my mind and heart through this intimate series of poetry. Whether it be in forms of haikus to a series of free verses, I begin my journey once more as a nomad to find and channel the truth behind words of the heart through the tip of my pen.


Stay Golden.

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