The Write Moment: The Arrow that Could

October 21: October 17 Prompt

Your entire community–however you define it; your hometown, neighborhood, family, colleagues–is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write a post you’d like them all to see.

Oh man, where to start? The fact that the people in my life that I care about and who care for me will read this blog gives me so much pressure to create something that will impress them. Where do I even begin from? Well…there is this quote that came to mind while I was pondering on what to begin with:

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it is going to launch you into something great, so just focus and keep aiming.”

I’m really not sure of the origins of this quote nor who said it. But I do have one reason why this quote came to my mind as I am writing this post. As you all may know already, I’ve been on a major hiatus from this blog since life really shook me up throughout the past years. A lot of things happened, whether it be gaining something new in my life or coping through an unexpected loss. However, the one main aspect that remain constant was the unconditional love I have received by my family, friends, the love of my life, and even to my co-workers. Essentially, a gigantic family regardless of blood and familial relations. They were the ones that kept me going and helped me push forward in life thus far. I wouldn’t be able to write back on this blog if it weren’t for their encouragement and support.

Now why did I mention the quote above about the arrow? I guess in a sense of an analogy? When one reads this quote, they identify themselves as the arrow. Being pulled back by life’s difficulties and adversities and most of the time getting too far pulled back that they detach from the bow itself. We become lost. I became lost. At one point, I didn’t really know why life was worth living anymore. I became so closed off and convinced that I was living a lie. But through and through, as I fell off my own bow I call life, my feathers were holding on to the little hope I had on the bowstring. I began to take life day by day in order to conquer all of the difficulties as I slowly realized that I blinded my own eyes and heart towards the family that I have who were constantly helping me get back on my bowstring. As time went by, here I am as a refurbished arrow with a piercing arrowhead that was sharpened by the constant beating of life’s problems and a stem thickened by the constant encouragement that my family wrapped me in throughout my issues and insecurities. Ready to take aim forward and onward in life, my family represents all aspects that provide the perfect conditions for me to land on that bullseye called happiness. From providing the perfect wind pattern to the distance between me and the bullseye, I’m ready. I wouldn’t be able to say all of this if it weren’t for my gigantic family. Now does the quote make sense in this situation? It’s quite perfect, actually.

A million forevers cannot describe how much time I wish to show my undying gratitude towards everyone that helped me this far as well as in the future to come. I only hope to become a part of the example that you all graciously showed me to other people who are also in my past situation. Here’s to you and here’s to us. Thank you for everything.


Stay Golden.

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