The Write Moment: Paper Planes 2-The Pioneer

“October 16: Recap of October 14 prompt

Write a post in the style of (or simply inspired by) a favorite author

My eyes closed momentarily after saying the words “Paper Planes” and it began to echo so loud I lost all sense of feeling in my body. I wake up in an empty white room. Discovering that I was lying face up towards the ceiling of this room, the starkness of the white walls seemed to slowly dissipate from the bright lights right above me. Why am I here? Where am I? The moment I asked these questions to myself my memory began fading even more.

Who am I?

A man dressed in all white with gold framed glasses entered the room. As soon as he enters the room, he sees a table with a blank piece of paper lying on the table. A blank piece of paper with no lines to distinguish its identity from the rest. Meaningless. He approaches the table in order to see if anything else was on the paper. Without hesitation, the man starts to begin examining the paper by holding it in his hands. The white paper seemed like a big contrast to his skin as he held it up to the light. He places the sheet of paper on the table once more and begins to fold it. Each fold was created with careful precision. Corner to corner. Crease to crease. Slowly, the piece of paper began to transform in his very eyes and the final crease was added. Complete. Sitting on the table was once a blank sheet of paper and is now transformed into a paper airplane. What was once meaningless is now given a purpose. The purpose to fly. The man picks up the paper plane with great care and proceeds towards one side of the room where an opening formed that led to the outside environment. Big billowing clouds floated up ahead while the ground was as clear and sharp as a mirror reflecting the clouds in the sky. The man starts to pull back its arm and slowly moves it forward to launch the paper plane into the air. “Fly. Fly. Fly as high and as far as you can,” he whispered as he launched the paper plane. The paper plane took flight and flies among the birds of feather and iron towards the sun. The paper plane slowly transforms once more as it lets the air current pass beneath its wings. The air gave the paper plane life and the sense of feeling as the wind reaches each corner and each crease of its body. The paper plane felt ultimate happiness flying up above the clouds towards the sun. However, something happens mid-flight when the paper plane starts to turn its nose towards the rear to catch a glimpse of the man in the white room. It kept remembering the memories it had during the time when it was just a plain blank piece of paper. The paper plane ignored the wind gust that was approaching its direction as the birds of feather and iron change their flight direction. It continues to fly that way until it turns its nose back around and realizes that its falling. “Down. Down. Down you go,” says the man as he watches the paper plane descend from the sky.

As the paper plane falls from the sky, the man at the window of the white room cries silently for he cannot do anything to stop his creation from falling into the abyss.

A loud bell rings once more.

Everything disappears and I find myself staring out the window seat of the café. “Do you remember anything, miss?” the man asked once more as he leans closer to see where I was looking.

“Why yes, I remember now. I used to fly once, you know.”

How are you all liking this so far? I’m actually having a lot of fun coming up with ideas for short stories like this one. Again, this is my first time composing something like this and it would be great if you want to share any thoughts or feedback on this piece!



Stay Golden.

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