The Write Moment: Regret Phases

“October 15: Childlike

Explain your biggest regret–as though to a small child.”

What is regret? In simple terms, I think regret is the feeling that someone gets when they feel like they should’ve done something in the past that they weren’t able to do. And when people feel that way, they feel sad and they always wish they were able to change something in the past if they were given the second chance to do so. I think this is why people always want to travel back in time so they can change the future. Now the question becomes: why do people regret? Mostly fear. The fear of failure because people make mistakes. They think mistakes will be the end of the world, their world. They get scared of falling and getting hurt because of the choices that they have made. The fear of being judged. People hate being judged or looked down upon because we all try to be normal. No one likes a person who sticks out like a sore thumb because sometimes people don’t like that. Most of the time, people who stick out are called weird and other bad names. Do I have any regrets? Why sure I do, but they’re a lot of small ones. There is one regret though that is larger than the rest. Do you know what that is? My regret is not being able to cherish and appreciate the little things in life. Even if it is saying hi to a friend or telling them that I love them or I care about them. You know what? I had a friend that was so dear to me. He and I were not the bestest of friends but he always provided a shoulder to cry on when I’m down or a lending ear for when I have many worries or problems. Then one day, he went away. Far far away from here. I can’t see him anymore and neither can his family. I regret not being able to say goodbye to him let alone a simple thank you. So from that regret, I can learn from my mistake. Usually when someone feels regret, they can still look forward in the future to fix it. That’s what I’m doing. To cherish the little things and not take life for granted. To open my eyes to the world and everyone around me and remind them that I love them and I appreciate them because no one knows when someone might go far away and not return. My regret has given me the happiness that I hold in my heart today. Even though I still feel regret, I can still make the best of what I have in the present and future.

Hello everyone! Here’s just a simple yet a bit personal post tonight. Again, this was one of those prompts that I found quite challenging since it is about regret. Plus, breaking it down to the simplest of terms was another feat for me since regret can become quite complicated but it is truly simple in its own nature. I still feel a little iffy on the prompt for tonight since I could approach it from other angles. But we’ll see…maybe I might revisit this topic again.

In terms of my day, I had quite the busy day at my part time job that I work at during the weekends and I was able to get out early! I was able to see a friend for dinner to catch up on life and that alone reminded me that I had another battle I need to face head on. My calling in architecture. I mentioned before that I’ve already graduated from college and after graduation I never realized how burnt out I was until I started applying to job openings in architecture firms. It felt like I was forcing down something I didn’t want to swallow. I felt pressure from my parents to pursue what I graduated in. Granted, even though they are parents and they do care for me and my future, it took quite some time for me to convince them that I needed a break. Fast forward, a year and some change, here I am writing to you all. I’ve been leaving my portfolio on the back burner for quite some time now so maybe, just maybe, I’ll revamp and rewire it just like this blog. I really need to. I’m itching to get back out there in the architecture world but it still looms before me like a skyscraper ready to break my neck in two.

Personal reminder: Be the Best Version of Yourself because no one can Be You.


Stay Golden.

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