The Write Moment: Paper Planes 1-The Meeting

“October 14: Imitation and Flattery

Write a post in the style of (or simply inspired by) a favorite author.”

On a rainy afternoon, in the bustling city of Washington D.C., I sit next to the window seat at a cafe amidst the smell of deep dark coffee beans brewed at the spot and the faint smell of the pastries lingering under the bright neon lights of the display case at the register. It’s already 4pm, I checked my watch repeatedly. It’s not like I was waiting for someone to meet up with me. But why do I have this constant feeling that time is running out? I keep staring at my watch to try and decipher the answer to my question. “Excuse me miss, is there someone sitting with you at this table?,” a man asked as I got lost in trance by looking at my watch. As I looked up, it was a man that I’ve never met before. However, deep down inside the depths of my heart…it felt like a long lost love. Where have I met him before? Do I know him? It feels like I do, I thought as I clamored to move my cup and saucer aside to make room for him. “Oh I’m so sorry to disturb you, you must have been a little busy and I was just wondering if I can sit next to you since there is room. The view is nice over here,” the man said as he longingly stared out of the window sit as the rain droplets dripped down the glass. He was fairly well dressed: a nice deep blue denim jacket that looked somewhat worn but it fit him right in the shoulders, a black v-neck t-shirt, as well as black jeans. But what caught my eye were his glasses, it’s as if those glasses had the power to see right through me. The type of glasses you would see on a Saturday cartoon show about superheroes where they are able to do an X-ray scan of anything. Gold and thick framed on the top but a thin frame on the bottom. His eyes were more emphasized than his glasses as his light brown eyes looked like burning amber stones looking right back at me. I swear I’ve seen this guy before, I pondered slowly as I started sipping at my coffee looking at the window. “It’s totally fine,” I replied,”no one else is sitting here but me”. He looked at me straight in the face, catching my attention as I replied and there was a sound of a bell. Its echoes lingered but I couldn’t pinpoint the source of the sound. It must’ve been all in my head. “I know this might sound super weird but I have this feeling that we met before. If we did, I apologize for everything escaping my memory…,” he said nervously with his voice trailing off. I didn’t catch it at the time but I was definitely flustered by the statement and didn’t notice my face turning red as I hid it sipping on my coffee. Without thinking, I said the two words that left my mouth and my mind totally caught in trance:

“Paper Planes.”

Stay tuned for more! I actually had quite a lot of fun writing this short piece and I plan on revisiting it in the near future. I’ll most likely publish the rest of the story in partitions if I’m not feeling the prompt of the day assigned. To be very honest, when I first saw this prompt I thought, “uh oh, this is going to be a challenging one.” But on another note, because it was so challenging for me, it caused to me to really channel my favorite author and his style (which I will name in the last partition of the story). Other than that, I hope you all enjoyed this short piece and feel free to use the comment section below for any feedback and support.


Stay Golden.

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