Introducing: The Write Moment

Have you ever felt that moment, that one moment where you just wanted to capture something? Whether it be in a sketch or a photograph and even in writing. To catch that moment in its entirety and render it immortal on paper or on film?

I’ve always wanted to keep that one moment alive in a variety of mediums: art, music, film, and writing. In order to challenge myself to create something everyday, especially through writing, I want to introduce to you all “The Write Moment” (get the play in words??). “The Write Moment” encompasses each moment that I want to render immortal in the vast digital universe where I spill my thoughts and feelings through different prompts each day. I’m actually following a list composed of 365 days of prompts so I will most likely either pull some prompts from that or just tweak it to make my own. I’d like to even include a 50/50 layout where I answer the prompt for the day as well as a daily recap of what happened the day of.

To create constantly and consistently each day. Try saying that few times fast! I know that there will be days where I am just down in the dumps or as happy as I can be, so I hope to capture all of that in the span of a year to have a record of my growth and discovery. Just a forewarning though, some of it might be personal but what I want to capture is the rawness of the emotions, thoughts, and rambles that happen each day of my life, 365 days of the year.

Here’s a new step and a new beginning!


Stay Golden.

One thought on “Introducing: The Write Moment

  1. Well said. If every day involved a creative moment for every person and they could recognise that moment, I think the world would be a far more generous and peaceful place.

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